Concepts Attributes – Create Concept Instances

Create Concept Instances

A concept instance is a piece of data that can be categorised into a conceptFor example, if a concept was Country”, “Franceand Germanywould be examples of concept instances belong to the conceptcountry“.

Dependent on concept type and the rules of a map, concept instances can be created by a knowledge author or created at run-time by end-users.

  • For string concepts, a knowledge author can define their own instances or have end users input them
  • For number concepts, instances can be any numerical value 
  • For date concepts, instances can be any valid date
  • For boolean (True/False) concepts, instances will be true or false

When opening a string concept, Rainbird will display the existing instances for that concept. Concept instances can also be provided for a map by injecting data from an external data source. 

Figure 1: Creating instances in a string concept

For more information on instances, click here to watch a Rainbird training video on instances.

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