Snippets / Auto Complete

Snippets / Auto Complete

When working in the Rainbird Studio it is possible to construct expressions without having to manually look up the required syntax and knowledge map data. This means that knowledge maps can be created and updated quicker and more accurately.

Within an expression, simply press ‘Ctrl+Space’ to open the Auto Complete tool. A list will appear containing ‘local’, ‘snippet’ and ‘keyword’ elements.

  • Local: these are single words found within the knowledge map you are currently working on, e.g. a ConceptInstance or Relationship name found within the knowledge map.
  • Snippet: this provides a skeleton of an expression for a particular element e.g. a round() expression, which can then be filled in with the relevant information.

We’ll look at each of these in more detail. 

In the figure below you can see two of the local elements that appear . These are taken from the default intro/outro RBLang.

Figure 1: Local autofill showing a Concept and Relationship

Snippets provide you with the basic skeleton for each Rainbird feature with all of the default tag attributes. You just need to fill in the elements as indicated by the placement of the cursor.

For example, you might want to structure a rule, but you may not recall the specific RBLang structure required. You can press ‘Ctrl+Space‘ and then scroll through the list until you find the snippet you require, or you can begin to type the element before opening the tool in order to filter the results in the list. 

Figure 2: Selecting a snippet will add it to your current expression in the studio

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