Facts and Certainty Factors (CF) – using certainty factor calculator

Certainty Factor Calculator

To test the weight and behaviour calculations of conditions, and the certainty factor outcome of facts and rules inside Rainbird, you can use the Certainty Factor Calculator below:

Opens CF Calculator in a new window.

Note – When opening the CF Calculator set the Weight of all Conditions not in use to 0 (see example above for the bottom 2 conditions).

CF Calculator Key:

Result (Cross/Tick): criteria for the conditions of the rule have been met.

Certainty: sum of Impact.

Rule CF: set to 100 by default. Max. Impact sum to meet Result.

Min Rule Certainty: set to 20 by default. Min. Impact sum to meet Result.

Condition Name: fact name. The condition will be taken into the calculation when the name is changed.

Condition Success: selected Condition will be considered in overall calculation.

CF of Fact: How certain are we that the condition has been met.

Weight: will effect the impact of the fact in the overall CF.

Optional?: or mandatory. If optional is ticked the condition does not need to be successful for the rule to produce ‘TRUE’. If mandatory and the condition is not successful the rule will ‘FAIL” (indicated in last column).

Impact: calculated by: All Conditions ticked under Conditions Success and Weight above 0 will impact the Overall Certainty.

Will Cause the Rule to Fail?: indicates if the condition will be true or fail.

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