Relationship Attributes – Allow User to Skip

Allow User to Skip

The “allow user to skip” option makes a question optional for users at run-time. Allowing a user to skip a question improves the user experience, as it can help the user go through a model more quickly. The option also allows Rainbird models to work with missing data.

As shown in the figure below, to allow the user to skip a question, the “allow user to skip” option has to be switched on in the question settings for the particular question the user will be allowed to skip.

Figure 1: Allow user to skip setting

Consider the model below, which aims at checking if it is possible to combine the citizenship of a maximum of 3 given countries. The user may already have combined citizenship. The user may also only want combined citizenship for 2 countries rather than 3. Therefore the question that allows the user to pick a 3rd choice of country should have the “allow user to skip” option set to on. Here’s how the model will then behave:

Figure 2: Query with ‘allow user to skip’ function enabled on the third question

The “Skip” button only appears in the bottom right of the agent for the third question only, as this is the only question with “allow user to skip” set to on in the model.

Click on the ‘Export.rbird’ button to download the ‘AllowUserToSkip’ map used in this example. The knowledge map can then be imported into your Rainbird Studio.

Query and Results

When viewing the knowledge map generated by the RBLang below, please run the query on the relationship ‘final result’ to see the allow user to skip function in action.

Export .rbird

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