Markdown – Using Markdown and Meta Data

Using Markdown and Meta Data

Markdown text can be used to format question wording and to format text and within a specific concept instance as metadata to improve the user experience by providing more detailed information about the results Rainbird generates.

Metadata is used to accentuate text in a query. Most of the formatting options listed below can be combined (e.g. bold and italic).

In cases where the formatted text could be interpreted as XML (coding text), the CDATA tag (Character Data) can be added to tell Rainbird to ignore any characters which could be interpreted as XML.

Figure 1: Markdown examples

Metadata can be added to string type concept instancesunder the Instance Name in the Rainbird Studio. 

Each section below details how to add metadata to an instance or to a question, as well as what the Result will look like using the selected formatting:

Click on the ‘Export.rbird’ button to download the ‘Markdown’ map used in this example. The knowledge map can then be imported into your Rainbird Studio.

Query and Results

To see all listed Markdown Examples in the question wording run the query on the relationship ‘which one to display’. You can select one or more Markdown examples from the list to see them displayed as a result of the query.

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