Build Pattern

Build Pattern

Build Pattern gives you a closer insight into how authors tackle specific problems showing how to build and structure a map depending on requirements. These articles will use elements and functions covered in the Basics and Rules sections.

The below drop-downs include a full list of articles, which will be written over time. Please contact the Rainbird Support Team if you would like to prioritise a specific article.

Combination /Stack Rule

Building in Triangles

Building with Number Concepts


Based On Rules

‘Elbow’ – Object Specific Rules

Optional Missing Data

Optional Missing Data without CF impact


Removing CF

Many to single results

Based on and overall

Variable in questions

CF as a variable

User weighting

Water bucket method

Mandatory Missing Data

Multiple select instances – increasing certainty

2-dimensions Array simulator (DataSources)

Generated Instance Inherited Data

Flag mechanism

Working Days Range for Weekends

Conditional Concatenation

Date format handling

String to number translation

Number to string translation

Concatenation – missing data

Conditional shortlist

Certainty Bracketing

Recursive feature

Creating a contextual timestamp

Data Comparison

Multiple outcomes given

Specify or extend a question

OR – Quick out

Forcing Question Ordering – TF

Question Ordering – Single set of questions

Dynamic question ordering

OR – Consider all

Different outcomes

Certainty factor gating

Default fact mechanism

If not this the that

Decreasing outcome CF

Instance checking

Ranking – Ping tail – Self to self relationship