Testing – Try Query

Try Query

The Try Query function has two main functions. The user can setup a Query for a single relationship to test similar to a Run Query in the Rainbird Studio, testing the outcome of a single rule.

The other function is to Create an Agent, which requires us to setup a ‘Try Query’:

To test a query for a single relationship:

  1. Navigate to the Test page
  2. Select New Query’ to open the Add Query panel
  3. Select the relationship to be tested
  4. Type in an appropriate question name in theQuestionbox
  5. Click ‘ADD‘ to save the query

Figure 1: Creating a query

Subject and Object Instance

A query requires the subject or the object to be provided.  The subject or object can be user provided (i.e. the user will be prompted to provide the subject or object at the beginning of the query, or can set the subject or object at run time) or an existing instance (in the example above, the subject ‘Bob’ is already known to Rainbird).  Selecting ‘query result’ from the subject/object dropdown will make the subject or the object the target of the query (i.e. the answer Rainbird will provide).

Answer Text

By default, Rainbird will display an object or subject as a result. Additional text can be added to the result by adding in text into the ‘answer text’ box. The text will be placed before the result. For example, if the text “I think that the answer to your question is” is added to the answer box, on the result page, Rainbird will now display the result “I think that the answer to your question is [RESULT]”

For more information on creating a query, click here to view a Rainbird training video on queries.

Version 1.01 – Last Update: 10/03/2021