Evidence Tree – Invocation Stats

Invocation Statistics

Knowledge authors can view the invocation statistics for a particular knowledge map or version(s) of a map. An invocation will be recorded when a new query begins. Invocation statistics are always captured and cannot be disabled by a knowledge author. The stats are presented in a bar graph and grouped by date and type.  The types of stats are: queries that have started, queries that have finished and those that have finished with results. A query can start and then be cancelled or incur an error and subsequently not make it to the end; alternatively, a query may finish but not return an answer. Invocation stats are accessible when selecting ‘PUBLISH’ in the Studio view and then ‘Stats & Reporting’.

Figure 1: Where to find invocation statistics

You may have come across the following messages when running a query against a knowledge map:
  • “Unfortunately Rainbird has been unable to process the goal against the current Knowledge Map”.
    • This indicates that a query has started but not finished.
  • “Sorry, I’ve been unable to find an answer to your question!”
    • This indicates that a query has finished but Rainbird was not able to produce a result.
It is possible for authors to filter the data by a date range and/or particular versions of the knowledge map. An ‘Export to CSV’ link is also available for the selected results (see the Interaction History article for more information).

Note: Invocation statistics will be deleted in line with any data retention settings that have been applied.

Figure 2: Bar chart of started, finished and answered queries

To differentiate between queries run by end users through an agent, and queries that a knowledge author has run through the query tab when building their map:

  • Queries in the Test tab will always run against the draft version of a knowledge map.
  • Queries run through any Agents or an API will use the version set to ‘Live’.
  • If an agent has been created but there is no ‘Live’ version has been nominated, any stats which are displayed will correspond to queries that have been run against the draft version only.

Rainbird will create a new set of bars for each new date. The information provided through the bar charts from left to right show started queries (counts as soon as a query starts), finished queries (counts as soon as all answers have been asked)  and answered queries (counts as soon as Rainbird can return a result). The answer query values will increase by one for every result if Rainbird returns multiple answers.

Figure 3: Bar charts across multiple dates

You can exclude different versions of the map from the invocation statistic graphs via the ‘included’ tick box. For example, you might want to exclude a version of a map if it was only used for testing. The chart information can also be restricted to specific dates.

Figure 4: Invocation statistic filters

Note: If an agent has been created but no ‘Live’ version of the map has been nominated, any stats which are displayed will correspond to queries that have been run against the draft version only.

Version 1.02 – Last Update: 16/03/2021