Evidence Tree – Evidence Security

Evidence Security

The Evidence Tree, as well as the Evidence Tree API, is an audit log that provides the rationale behind a Rainbird decision. Sometime, the Evidence Tree can contain sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or confidential business logic.

Enhanced security can be applied to the evidence tree to control who can access the data.

Evidence Tree security settings can by accessed in the Rainbird Studio by clicking ‘Publish’ on the top left hand side. The evidence security settings can be found in the ‘Live Version’ tab in Access Control:

Figure 1: ‘Evidence Tree Link’ to toggle Evidence Tree security settings on and off

Evidence Tree security can be switched on and off by using the toggle.

Enhanced security on:

  • The Evidence Tree cannot be accessed in the user interface via a published Rainbird Agent, even if the Agent is configured to provide access to the Evidence Tree (a warning will be shown to the Author in the agent configuration page if this setting is on).
  • Access via the Rainbird API will only be granted when the access key is provided.
  • By default, maps created after 10/03/2021 (Community) and 16/03/2020 (Enterprise) will have Enhanced Security on.
  • The Evidence Tree will remain available for Authors when using the TryQuery in the Studio.

Enhanced security off:

  • The evidence tree can be accessed in the user interface (if configured) via a published Rainbird Agent.
  • No additional key is required to access the evidence data from the API.  When using the API the Session ID and a Fact ID will still be required.
  • By default,  maps created before 10/03/2021 (Community) and 16/03/2020 (Enterprise) will have Enhanced Security off.

Note: Enhanced Evidence Tree Security setting can be toggled on and off per Knowledge Map

If you are using the Rainbird API or SDK, the access key can be copied from here to be shared with the Rainbird development team.

If you believe your evidence key has been exposed or compromised, please contact us immediately.

Version 1.02 – Last Update: 18/03/2021