Data Retention Policy

Data Retention Policy

The built-in Data Retention Policy feature in Rainbird allows you to limit the amount of time that any information entered and saved into a knowledge map will be stored by Rainbird. Any session data will be removed after the set time period. There are two Data Retention Policies that can be set within Rainbird.

Your Rainbird Profile’s data retention policy can be changed by clicking on Account in the bottom left corner in Rainbird Studio:

Figure 1: Clicking account will take you to your account settings

The Data Retention Policy can be changed by clicking ‘EDIT’ followed by toggling the switch in the top right of the Data Retention Policy box:

Figure 2: Changing the data retention policy

Session data can be stored between 1 day to 100 years. By default, the data retention policy will be switched to “off”  for any map in an account that has not had it’s retention policy amended by the account owner.

Individual map retention policies can be set by clicking the name of the knowledge map in the top left corner of the Rainbird studio, and selectingData Retention’. 

Individual map data retention policies can be changed in the same way as changing the overall account data retention policy. 

Each individual map policy will be independent of the profile’s policy, which is important to remember if a business has strict compliance rules regarding data retention. For example, if a profile’s retention policy is 30 days, and a map’s data retention policy is set to 105 days, after 31 days, the session information will still remain in the map. 

Figure 3: Where to find the individual Data Retention policy for a map

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