An expanding library helping beginner and experienced Rainbird authors how to model, use specific functions or refresh knowledge by searching for examples. To gain quick access to the articles, you can click on the links below or in the drop down menu in the header or use the key search function.


This section explains the basic functions of Rainbird focussing on information about Concepts and Relationship attributes as well as Facts and Certainty Factor, the document  troubleshooting explains how to fix errors.

Rules form the logic elements of every knowledge map weight and behaviours, a complete list of advanced, comparisons and Date/Time expressions as well as mathematical functions.

Metadata and Markdown allow the alteration of text and display of lists for Questions wordings and  Results within a Query. Alt Text allows to label and change wording within the evidence tree.

There are many options for testing and displaying logic in Rainbird. Here we take a closer look into the evidence tree, show different testing options, access to statistics and historical results as well as publish knowledge maps.

Data can be injected in different ways. We explain how to use the API function and how to inject Data from a Spreadsheet. In addition, Rainbird is using the in-build Workflow application allowing a multitude of connectors and features.

Build Pattern gives a closer insight into how authors tackle specific problems showing how to build and structure a map depending on requirements. These articles will use elements and functions covered in the Basics and Rules sections.